The future of Ogun West, a call for rescue mission.

 The future of Ogun West; a call for Students and Youth Summit on Saturday October 3rd  2020 in Yewa South Local Government headquarter Ilaro .It’s apparent  that Ogun west district lacks sincere leadership and proactive youths.Reasons for this has been linked to uniformed nature of our society, where things are being carried out in a segregated forms. Those who have acquired certain knowledges as well as attained some positions of authority are not bothered about how society should be managed and modelled, as well as collaborating on how to be free from our long time political bondage and economic meltdown which has been largely attributed to a day light marginalisation and maladministration within the state over the years.As at today, Yewa/Awori can not outrightly guarantee a single person as a recognised and renowned leader whose his voice would be heard and followed by the others as well as forming a synergy under his leadership.We must come to our senses by standing aggressively against marginalisation of our region to a lower edge of social standing within the state. People from Ayetoro shouldn’t engage in any unhealthy political war with those from Ilaro while a group from Ota must recognise and respect the opinions of those from Ipokia axis,thus effective collaborations must exist amongst one another for a desired changes to take place.They have made our fates to be hopeless, our voices to be voiceless and our land to be fruitless by causing disunity and disparity amongst one another in the name of juisy appointments and thricky palliatives.Those that once supported Sen. Amosun against Gboyega Nasir Isiaq in the then 2011 and 2015 gubernatorial races couldn’t come out today and be courageous enough to enlist what this region actually gained from their retrogressive waywardness in the name of political loyalty.Same as the people that neither supported  Triple A nor GNI during the 2019 gubernatorial election but assiduously supported Dapo Abiodun emergence as the Governor of the state.The same question has been posting to them to showcase what benefits and effects has their so called loyalty and political permutations  has brought to our region but nothing crucial to point to except confusions, lies, hypocrisy and betrayal.Let’s take look at the pattern and yardstick of how several political appointments are being made in the state, it’s evident that equity and fairness are not always in place when making such appointments and consequences of this are nothing but under development in it’s high grades on the part of the marginalized and less priveldge part of the state, a position our region has occupied from the onset the state is created because Yewa/Awori has  always been at receiving and sacrificial ends. We have always been deceived with juicy appointments to some selfish and  self acclaimed leaders at the expense of regional development. That’s the reason why we have not been opportuned to take charge of super ministries like Works, Education, Agriculture, Local government affairs and Special duties.The central point of the whole predicaments lie on the fact that we lack sincere leaders that would shun their selfish interests behind  our collective interests for total emancipation of our people and regional development.We must take a bold and broad look at the difference between two identical variables in which our youths could be categorised which are an admirer and a true follower.The difference between an admirer and a follower still remains, no matter where he finds himself . An admirer will never made  any true sacrifices. He always plays it safe and true so as to get his own portion of benefits.While a true follower will be a good adviser and genuine supporter of any positive agenda to better his region.Taking a look at the youths of this region and their eye  services supports couple with their aggressive manner of playing politics, one will be left with nothing than to address them with what goes with their attitudes as  “arije nibi madaru”Those who are comfortable eating from spoil syatem.We have never united for any course of good governance but always seen showing capacities and activeness in defending our paid masters of their inordinate actions and ambitions. Those who worked in SIA media team didn’t give us chance to express the pains of underdevelopments our region went through and the youths around the then commissioners, chief of staff and speaker are ready to go at any lenght in waging war against  anyome from this region that criticize Amosun administration for not doing enough for Ogun West. The current government in Ogun state is not left out in this act of political slavery, they hired majority of the youths from Ogun West and initiated them into  their so called *”New Media Forum”* while the youths in question have vowed to unleach attacks on anyone that speaks ill of their administration even if it’s the truth.They are ready to compromised their fellow blood for the token they are receiving from the sitting Governor despite the fact that the road leading to their various towns and villages have not been attended for about 20years now. Virtually all the roads in Ogun west are bad to the extent of being an injury to the economy of the region. Investors have started leaving Agbara in Ota to Sagamu interchange. We are living a hopeless life of no stable electricity, no potable water, leaking security outfit and many other problems to mention but few. Instead of working along with those they regard as political godfathers to rescue this regions from political comatose their major concerns are all about their personal gains as we have witnessed during Amosun regime. For how long will this sell out continue? For how long would the media aides for our Reps and Senator will continue to attack us whenever we demand for accountability and transparency from their bosses? For how long will this political marginalisation last?For how long we are going to wait to produce a governor of the state?For how long all these political darams would come to realities?For how long are we going to wait for till we come back to our real senses?It’s we the youths they are using to do the cover up and we are also the one at receiving ends.We must stop wasting our times and futures in the name of protecting the reputation and image of a particular politician while jettison the development strides of our region.We must learn to condemn bad politicians and commend  progressive minded leader irrespective of his political ideology.We must know the damages we are causing this region by selling out ourselves to the outsiders just for a pot of soup and we must not allow any politicians within this region to use us against our regional agenda. If we can’t abandon our pot of potatoes for development, let us take political education to our families even in remote villages on how to vote across parties for candidates of our choices while explaining to them our consensus candidate for the post  governor and other political posts and reasons for doing so.What are the benefits to be expecting and the other negative sides if such candidate is not eventually won. The purpose of education we have acquired is to liberate us from political darkness and to serve as source of light and not darkness and underdevelopment we are bringing back to our various areas.Agenda of Ogun-West Rescue Team are uniformed, unique and understandable.It cuts across the fundamentals and necessities which are expected of every responsible and responsive government to make available and well delivered to her citizenry.But the level at which our leaders today pay audience to the yearning of the citizens even in a critical and urgency period is at very low rate thus coming together as a group to echoing for our demands and dividends of democracy becomes necessary and imperative so as to do  the needful.We have agreed within ourselves and also calling on other meaningful youths across the region to support this pragmatic and progressive ideas while making it presentable to our amiable and active listening Executive Governor in black and white as the blueprints of our demands which are built on six essential phases of: Construction of motorable roads across the region, Establishment of University within the region of Ogun west, Supply of transformers to some various communities across Ogun West. The roads in questions are Agbara/Lusada Road.Rounda/Imeko Afon Road. Papa Lanto/Ilaro road. Ilara/Ibese Road and Sango/Idiroko Road.We want to know if the threat from Abeokuta Club is the reason for the delay in the  establishment of MAUSTECH in Ipokia Local Government or  any other reasons not known to the people of Ogun West. We demand for the break down of infrastructural projects which the proposed N250bn bond the state is about to borrow will be spent on and give out a proper breakdown of what would be the share of our region and the purpose it would serve if such fund is released.So as not to be paying for the debt we didn’t benefit from as we are witnessing it in the present situation of the country through increment in the price of petroleum, electricity tariff, stamp duty and triple taxation system they have subjected us to.We are also asking for equal representation of our region in every sector of this current administration. We are equal demanding for a reasonable percentage in IGR and federal allocation if at all we can not be given governor.Every youth in this region is not interested in who becomes the governor but reasonable number of developmental projects. It’s only the ruling class that have seen that an opportunity to continue to use our region as bargaining ground while claiming they are fighting for us. All we want is development and equity.And development can only be guarantee in a fainess and equity state because there’s a great connection and recognition of equity to development as a central goal for reminiscence.Our region would continue to be a looming ground of development except the needful is done from the center of the state which is fairness and equity. And youths of every dispensation has always been a pivotal instruments and assets for solidarity and future development of any region.We encourage ourselves to be fully engaged in solidarity movements, promoting support schemes and agitating for pro equity policy for the betterment of our region.We must never be afraid to raise our voices for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice, lying and greediness.We must always take sides and says.We must try to be among the useful and active youths that would have their voices heard in chanting solidarity slogan for this region.Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victims. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.Desmond Tutu once said and I quote: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”We need to wake up, real change needs to happen. Let’s go up and show our support and stand up calling for changes on underdevelopment issues in Ogun west.We must never be scared to speak the truth to addressing issues affecting us and other issues inflicting on us by the oppressors. On this note, we are calling on our well meaningful  and ever active youths, stakeholders, listening politicians, citizens and the entire people of Ogun west both home and abroad for your support in both cash and kind to gracing the proposed rescue rally to Governor’s office which will hold on the first week of October, date will be comunicated to us anytime soon.We enjoined you All for be present at our Summit  that will be coming up on the 3rd of October 2020, at  Ilaro(Headquarter of Yewa South Local Govt).Together we achieve this and celebrate the victory!!!E-signedComrade Asiwaju Abdulgafar08138138414Convener Ogun-West Rescue Team (ORT)

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