LAUTECH BIOLOGY Post UTME past Questions and answers [Free]

 LAUTECH BIOLOGY Post UTME past Questions and answers [Free] which of the following does not contribute to the biomas in an ecosystem?(a)Producers (b)food chain (c)consumers (d) saprophytes2. Terrestrial animals which are capable of maintaining constant body temperature within fairly close limits are (a)thermocli (b)homotherms (c)poikiliotherms (d)stenotherms3. The amount of moisture in the air (relative humidity) can be measured by (a) hydrometer (b) Anemometer (c)Rain guage (d) hydrometer4. Which of the following groups of plant would be the first colonizer in an ecological succession changing rocks  to soil?(a)moses (b)ferns (c)Lichens (d)Grasses5. Plants that adapt to life in salty water are called?(a) Hydrophytes (b)Ephiphytes (c)Halophytes (d) XerophytesClick here to join us on WhatsApp6. The stage in life of Bitharzia which infect man is the (a)Cercaria (b)Bladder worm (c)Miracidium (d)Egg7. The malpigian tubule plays a major role in (a) respiration (b) excretion (c) secretion (d) digestion8. The filtered blood from the kidney is carried back to the circulatory system through the (a)hepatic portal vein (b) pulmonary vein (c)renal vein (d)renal artery9. Flatworms are classified as (a)coelenterate (b)annelid (c) platyhelminthes (d)nematode10. A severe deficiency of thyroxin that results in sexual underdevelopment is (a)cretinism (b) gigantism (c) diabetes (d) mellitus11. Haemolysis is an example of ? (a) hydrolysis (b) osmosis (c)plasmolysis (d)imbibitions12. Which of these following structure are visible in the cell of a plant during mitosis(a)centrioles,chromatids and nucleons (b) Homologous chromosomes,nuclea membrane and spindle fibres (c)cell wall, centrioles and chromatids (d) chromosomes, nuclear membrane and centromere13. At which of the following stage of the cell division can the cell be said to be resting?(a)Anaphase (b)Telophase (c)Prophase (d)Interphase14. Mitrochondrial and chloroplast are characteristics of the cell that are actively (a) Reproducing and photosynthesing (b)Excertion and delaminating (c) Respiring and photosynthesing (d)Replicating and photosynthesing15. Which of the organells helps to remove excess water from the cell?(a)mithrochondrion (b) ribosome (c)cell membrane (d) vacuoles16. Which of the following tissues is made up of dead cell?(a)meristem (b) cambium (c)xylem (d) phloem17. Vascular bundles in a monocotyledonous stem are found (a) scattered in the epidermis (b)In a ring near the epidermis (c) Between the endodermis and per cycle (d) scattered between the epidermis and the pith18. Plant that survive in an environment where water is scarce are referred to as (a) Ephiphytes (b)mesophytes (c) Hydrophytes (d)xerophytes19. Green plants are primary producers because they are (a) heterotrophic (b)saprophytic (c)chlorophic (d) Autotrophic20. The hypha is said to be coenocytic because (a)it does not contain chlorophy (b)has no cross walls (c) vacuolated (d) stores oil globule21. The skeleton of an anthropod is principally composed of (a)pectin (b) chitin (c)Lignin (d)Tannin22. The aerobic stage of tissues respiration occurs through (a) Energy cycle (b)Kreb’s cycle (c)water cycle (d)carbon cycle23. Extracellular digestion takes place in (a)moulds (b)green plants (c)algae (d) bryophytes24. Which of the following reagents is used to test for starch (a)millions reagent (b)fehling solution (c)Sudan lll solution (d) iodine solution25. The condition known as cretinism is caused by the deficiency of (a) adrenaline (b) Vitamin A (c)insulin (d) Thyroxin26. The key event in the transition of the amphibians from water to land is (a) possession of wet skin (b) possession of web limbs (c) replacement of gills with lungs (d) development of long hind limbs27. A group of organisms that are capable of free interbreeding is called (a)species (b)genus (c) family (d)orders28. Which of the following organism has only two body layers and cavity? (a)Hydra (b)taenis sp (c) Ascaris (d) earthworm29. Which of the following scientist was involved with organic evolution? (a)Memdel (b)Lamark (c)Morgan (d) Luther30. Pollomyelitis is a microbial disease cause by (a)Amoeba (b) Protozoa (c)virus (d) protists.       Answers to BIOLOGY 2006/2007 Questions1.     2.C     3.D     4.C     5.C     6.A     7.A     8.     9.     10.B     11.C     12.D     13.D     14.D     15.C     16.C     17.D     18.D     19.D     20.     21.B     22.B     23.C     24.D     25.A     26.C     27.A     28.A     29.B     30.CGet the full past question here at the rate of #700              

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